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Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
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Page updated Dec 9, 2015

The sites below are listed alphabetically and some have not been evaluated for their content. They are provided solely as a convenience to the viewer. That said, sites marked with a Checkmarkare worth checking out because of their depth or breadth of content, or their emphasis on user support.

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If you use Google to search the Internet, here is a short list of things you can do with it to make searches faster and more productive: http://www.google.com/intl/en/help/cheatsheet.html. (You can even use the Search field as a simple calculator!)

If you don't already have Google's Search bar added to your web browser, look for "Toolbar" here: http://www.google.com/intl/en/options/index.html.

Acklen -
http://www.wpwriter.com/ - Laura Acklen, author of several Absolute Beginner's Guide books on WordPerfect and co-author of Que's Special Edition - Using WordPerfect, maintains this site of articles, tips, etc. She also has written other WordPerfect books.

Broadhead ("JDan") -
J Dan Broadhead wrote the PerfectScript core language. http://www.jdan.com/perfectscript/. See also the online version of theCheckmark WordPerfect Macro Manual (for WP8, but still very useful for later versions).

CompuSavvy's Word & WordPerfect Tips -
http://compusavvy.wordpress.com - Jan Berinstein's blog for users of Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect. (Jan is also the webmistress of WordPerfect Universe.)

Corel (Canada) -
http://www.corel.com/ - Corel® Inc.. - Corel's main site.
Facebook - 
Jeppson -
Julie's Perfect Script Journal Checkmarkcontained monthly articles of particular usefulness to those who want to learn to write macros. Hasn't been updated in a long while but it's still useful. For her books, see here.

Koenecke -
http://www.macros.koenecke.us/ - Macros and tips for WP6-WP9 by Mike Koenecke, including his famous envelope-printing macros and a nice menu macro (Macro Menu) that plays your own preferred macros from a push-button list.
Also see his -
- MAKMacros, which has a Microsoft Word cleanup macro (a simple macro to clean up codes from imported Word documents);
- SendKeys macro, which replaces the broken SendKeys feature in WordPerfect 9, 10, and 11;
- Directories toolbar concept -- a graphic screen shot of his WordPerfect setup, showing the Directories toolbar running down the left of the screen. Each button accesses a separate directory. (Instructions included.)

Loudenback -
http://www.dougloudenback.com/wp.htm - Doug Loudenback's tips and macros. He has a PDF document that "lists 176 shortcut keystrokes for WordPerfect 10's CUA keyboard and 140 shortcut keystrokes for Wp10's DOS keyboard." For macro programmers, he has a PDF file (594 KB) that is a "121 page hypertexted document which includes the 2175 System and Product Commands and the 473 PerfectScript commands for WordPerfect 10 Macro language." Checkmark Doug Loudenback's "A Common Person's Macro Manual"

McComb -
http://gmccomb.com/ - Gordon McComb, author and macro programmer. On this site you'll find his new WordPerfect Support CD-ROM, WordPerfect for Windows Macros, 201 PowerMacros (WP7/WP8) and other help for the beginner to advanced user. The Vault has a few macros and templates - See also his Cutting Edge advanced-level macro writing page (includes a document construction kit and a paper on using INI files to store data).

Merrell -
http://www.star-dot-star.co.uk/wpmacs1.htm - "A World of WordPerfect for Windows Macros Bookmarked" by Paul E. Merrell. A lengthy list of sites containing WordPerfect for Wndows macros.

Science Translations -
http://www.graphcat.com/ - Science Translations Software Services(TM) is the home of Graphcat Clip Art Cataloger, FontKat Font Cataloger, The Letterhead Kit Business Correspondence Assistant, and Bookbild Pamphlet Publisher for WordPerfect, and the Wood Clips Graphics Collections. Evaluation editions are available for download. Also see their links page.

University of Arkansas (USA) -
http://www.uark.edu/staff/dksander/public_html/wplinks.html - WordPerfect resources and support from a short course on WordPerfect at the university.

WordPerfect for DOS Updated -
http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/wpdos/ - Maintained by Edward Mendelson, Contributing Editor to PC Magazine, who writes, "This site was created as a way to share printer drivers and other files that can be of help to anyone who, like me, wants to continue to use WordPerfect for DOS in the twenty-first century."

WordPerfect Language Assistants (Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic) -
http://www.smouter.net/wpassist - WP Language Assistants from Willem Smouter. "WordPerfect offers nice character-sets for languages with non-latin characters. Language Modules are available to type them. For those who want to include just a few lines of foreign characters in their documents, however, these official Modules are not easy to use. As an alternative, I developed my Greek, Hebrew and Cyrillic WP Assistants." [WP DOS and WP Windows. Freeware.]

WordPerfect Universe -
A WordPerfect User-to-User Message Board, which is a forum for WP users (http://www.wpuniverse.com). And for the WP fan, here's where you can buy coffee mugs, basebal caps, and t-shirts with the WPUniverse logo. See also: WordPerfect Universe Newsletter

WordPerfect Writer -
http://www.wpwriter.com/You_Find_the_Answer/you_find_the_answer.html Checkmark- A list of links by QUE author Laura Acklen to various web sites and newsgroups that offer help with WordPerfect.
WordPerfect vs. Microsoft Word -
If you or someone you know are thinking about buying (or switching to) either of these two word processors, you may want to visit http://www.wpvsword.com/. The site contains comparisons of the various versions of each program. For example, for a comparison between WordPerfect 11 and Microsoft Word 11: http://www.wpvsword.com/wp11vsword11/ [or: http://web.archive.org/web/20120910081232/http://www.wpvsword.com/wp11vsword11/index.php]
CheckmarkIs WordPerfect more cost-effective than MSWord? A very experienced user of both programs compared certain features of both programs in a "production environment" in TechnoLawyer (2006); see this thread in WordPerfect Universe.
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